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Marquis Mortgage LLC, originally known as Marquis Realty and Mortgage, began in 2004 as a small family owned business. Our goal was to place the needs of El Pasoans' as our first priority and help them to achieve their dreams of purchasing a home. Since our early beginnings, we have expanded our reach in the lending industry to the County of El Paso and the surrounding Southwest Texas Area, as well as several other states.

Sabin Marquez, loan originator, understands what banks don't. The loan criteria of hard money Mortgage is not as conservative as traditional financing. Loan to value ratios are great and the industry is more collateral value driven than banks which require extensive financial capacity and a perfect credit rating.

Our Mission

We believe that our knowledge and expertise is what gives us a clear mission to effectively serve the community of El Paso. Our ability to provide funds has made us a leader in the hard money industry. We have become a "go to source" to fund the needs of our clients, and over the years, we have developed a network that is now capable of meeting every new challenge that the hard money industry demands. We pride ourselves in providing invaluable tools for getting loans funded, and today, Marquis Mortgage LLC continues to be an effective financial resource for borrowers in El Paso, today and the future!

"Want to find out more about Marquis Mortgage LLC ?.. Call Sabin Marquez, he will be happy to talk to you!"

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