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Commercial Lending

If you're looking for a commercial lending company in El Paso, we can help. We can provide you with a hard money loan on a commercial property in Texas, and can make both commercial and residential hard money loans.

Loans For All Commercial Property Types

For a hard money loan on commercial property, we look at several factors. Typically our maximum loan to value is 70%, although we prefer to stay at or below 60%. Commercial Lending We consider commercial lending on all commercial property types, multi-family, mixed use, hotels, industrial, strip malls, and other specialized property types.

Let's Discuss Your Loan Scenario Today!

To qualify for a hard money commercial loan with us, the loan to value is the largest factor, but we do like to see financials for the property. Typically we like to see 2 years of financials, but that is a guideline, not a hard and fast rule. Give us a call and we can discuss your scenario today. We do not require a minimum credit score, and many of our clients come to us for a hard money loan on their commercial property because the ability to close fast and take advantage of the opportunity you have come across. We specialize in the El Paso, Austin, San Antonio Area, and often times we have additional flexibility on commercial loans in El Paso. This flexibility can allow for higher loan to value ratios in some cases.

If your loan to value fits our guidelines, give us a call and we will start working for you immediatly. For friendly commercial lending in El Paso, call Marquis Mortgage!

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